Pictures from Evidyon!


These screenshots are from Evidyon’s beta testing cycle. After a summer of full-time development in which I rewrote most of Evidyon’s code and Erich generated all of the game’s 3D character models, we released the first Beta (Evidyon version 3) in August 2009. There were crashing bugs at the beginning because of the time crunch at the end of the summer, but with feedback from the community I managed to iron those out and things really took off!


These pictures are Evidyon versions 2.x, aka the “Alpha” test. This phase lasted for nearly a year while I wrote and rewrote various parts of the engine, as I learned more about networking, databases, graphics programming and general code organization. I released several different maps during Alpha to keep the game interesting, and Joe and I experimented with various item layouts and attribute designs.

Project Volucrios

Born to Rule