Special thanks to the following people for helping Evidyon become a success over the years.

Ryan Luke

Additional 3d models, hosting the game server, administration, expanding the game, adding new content, and taking responsibility for managing both the community and the live version of the game when I was swamped by schoolwork.

Alex Muller

Working with Joe through a lot of design during summer ‘09.

Stephen Guinn

Contributing his time to create many of Evidyon’s sound effects

Richard Brake

I always appreciated the inspiration I got from talking to you.

Community Supporters

Shout-outs to particularly active members of the Unseen Studios forums, many of whom we’ve known for years: marzuku, thadiusofx3, deathstalker, 9sam1, Serenity, Morn, Glorfindelus, LEXIC, rabit561, kuba, Joelshup


Developing and hosting the new community forums at

Members of the community

Thanks for playtesting, feedback and support.

Other friends who worked on Born to Rule, the original project of Unseen Studios

David DeTomaso (Music), John Kim (Art), David Thomas (3D Models), Matt Wingler (3D Models)

E.J. Thayer

For making Xenimus and inspiring this project.

Digital Gaming Alliance at Cornell University

Hosting a great LAN party for Evidyon!

Lost Garden

Some of the terrain images, such as the brick, blue rock and leafy forest areas are based on the 250 free handdrawn “Circle Textures” collection graciously provided for free by Danc at Lost Garden.