This is where you can download everything we have released of Evidyon!

If you find this useful, fork the repo on GitHub or send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

The Basics

All archives are in 7-Zip format, available at (

Everything You Need to Run Evidyon (25 MB) - This download has precompiled versions of Evidyon’s client/server binaries and the game world, as released in the content packs.

Source Code (28 MB) - All of Evidyon’s source code, plus the same binaries as in above. If you want to edit the source code and recompile/run the game, this is all you need to get started!

Content Pack (71 MB) - Includes the editor executable to recompile the game’s content files! This download has all of Erich’s character models/item models/textures, as well as the design documents, maps and other game content that we created for Evidyon.

The One with Everything (100 MB) - Full source code and content in one download. This is the entire project, folks.


Erich’s 3D Modeling Tutorial and Models (49 MB) - Erich has released a full set of FAQ-style tutorials detailing how he made the models for Evidyon. All you need is to grab a copy of FragMotion so this download can get you started making your own!

Evidyon Website, GUI and Icons (11 MB) - This is a set of desktops, website templates, in-game GUI template, and other miscellaneous PSD graphics that were used to make the look-and-feel of Evidyon and by Anders to make the EviTales website.