Media Resources

06 Feb 2010:

It’s hard to find good media online. There is a lot of junk out there, but not much quality unless you’re rolling in dough–and even then, it’s hard to know if what you’re buying is worth it. Here are a few things we used.

3dbud - Real-time 3D models (

Good value on the models here–each one was good quality, and most simple models are $15-$20. They also provided very fast support when one of my purchases (the dragon mesh) wasn’t encoded into the DirectX format quite right. Sometimes they do 50% off sales.

3DRT - Buy 3D models (

These guys were great! We bought the skeleton swarm pack from them. We were planning on buying more but that one gave us the most value for how much we spent ($119). They have had a 20-30% off sale each of the last two winters, so if you’re thinking of buying from them and want to save, that’s the time to do it. They also have a free monster model available for download.

Basil Studio - GameArt (

This seems like one guy making models and selling them (the shop is hard to find since the website was changed, so here it is). The models are decently usable, priced appropriately, and he provided some models like the lich model for free.

The artist “Kvakling” on TurboSquid

This user produced some pretty good armor and weapon models. Specifically, we bought these: 1 2. They look pretty spiffy, but Erich ended up re-making all of the armors because they were too hard to attach to the character models. Also, unfortunately he more than doubled the price on these items since we bought them., now defunct (but it still shows up in our “content” path)

We got some tree and house models from this awesome German website by a guy who liked making models and giving them away for free. The website is now nothing like it was, so it’s not even worth linking to anymore.

Dark GDK, a very old free release (unavailable; see for other good stuff from the same people)

The Game Creators gave away some really old low-poly content for free around Christmas time in the mid-2000’s. The hound, bog monster and golem models are based on stuff in that pack.