Inside the 3d open-source fantasy MORPG by Karl Gluck, Erich Gluck and Joe Muller

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So, you want to texture your models

27 Jan 2010

How to texture models, written by Erich!

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Erich's Modeling F.A.Q.

26 Jan 2010

A whole bunch of questions about Evidyon's models and FragMOTION answered by Erich!

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Evidyon Storyline

17 Jan 2010

In the beginning, all was Chaos. From the Chaos, necessarily without purpose cause or order, arose four entities: Xendra, Atragus, Fayan, and Thronden. Formed by nothing from nothing, these beings were gods. Powerful as they were, however, they knew they would be consumed once more by the Chaos around them. They joined together for the sake of their own preservation...

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