Inside the 3d open-source fantasy MORPG by Karl Gluck, Erich Gluck and Joe Muller

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So, you want to animate a character model

30 Jan 2010

Open a finished model (such as Default_Male_Human) and merge the animations model. Use the Merge Animation option (File -> Merge Animation, select “AnimationsModel.ugh”, and click Open, select all the animations you want to copy, and hit OK)...

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So, you want to add armor to a character model

29 Jan 2010

Creating the armor is the hardest part. I have included in the complete pack the bases for armors in the Model Creation -> Armor Creation folder. To make these, I basically took the original model without armor and scaled the model to be bigger, then placed the expanded model over the original one and retextured it so it looked like armor...

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So, you want to make a weapon model

28 Jan 2010

When creating the weapons, you have to adhere to a standard, or your programmer won’t like you very much. I always visualized the bone that the weapon would be attached to at the origin, that way the programmer could shift every weapon the same amount and it would appear in the characters hands (it’s magic, trust me.)

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