Inside the 3d open-source fantasy MORPG by Karl Gluck, Erich Gluck and Joe Muller

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How to Increase the Overall Drop Rate

03 Apr 2010

To increase the drop rate for a given class of items (common/uncommon/rare) for all monsters using the editor, just double-click the "Treasure" line, right-click one of the % chances, hit "edit" and set a new value...

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Evidyon GUI Graphics, Website Templates and Desktops

29 Mar 2010

I just uploaded a 10-MB pack of graphics files that were used to establish Evidyon's in-game GUI...

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Evidyon to be Presented at BOOM 2010!

25 Feb 2010

BOOM ("Bits on our Minds") is a Cornell research conference showcasing work of students...

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