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Postby ziggman » Sun Aug 05, 2007 12:16 am

Vitriol wrote:
Ratiotile wrote:Yes, I'm adding on to your system. Don't worry, we'll keep most of it as you have it there :). I'm trying to make a more elaborate subclassing system, so read on and see if you like it. I will update the first post to reflect changes. I wasn't aware that there was a wiki.

Elaborate = bad. Xenimus is fairly simple concerning classes.

thats what im trying to defend, Ratiotile does not undersand my concerns no matter how i try to tell him.

i believe you should beable to make any class you want with any stats. i enjoyed making messed up builds just to see what would happen. with Ratiotiles Elaborate system you Cannot do that anymore! the game will decide for you based upon your stats/skills what your character will become. thats total bs.
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Postby Paz the Spaz » Sun Aug 05, 2007 7:29 pm

No, elaborate = GOOD. This "powergaming," where you can make completely messed up chars for maximum power is something that destroys games. You ARE NOT a wizard if you are too stupid to talk. You are not a paladin because you decided, hey, I like the bonus magic they get, you have to earn that position, either by good alignment, "wasted" stat points, or a holy trait picked at the start of character creation. This game should not be another one of the multitude of mmorpgs where classes dont make sense, they just exist for maximum killing power. Rangers are defenders of the forest, not rednecks that live near the woods. They don't suddenly decide that, oh, I guess I'll go pick pockets or, hey, Ima go kill stuff with bows. Plus WTF IS A ROUGE???? Maybe you are too stupid to notice that rouge is "red" in French, or maybe it slipped your mind that the enemy you refer to from xenimus is a ROGUE! Gosh, its almost as bad as xenveteran from xentales.
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