Project Volucris: Chest System Thread

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Project Volucris: Chest System Thread

Postby Richard. UK » Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:03 am

What about if chests were none respawnable? or only under special conditions, and only held money. I mean in an obvious world, if you loot a chest it will not "respawn" yes it is fantasy yes it can do as fantasy pleases but. What about when a character dies, looses money (small amount) then another character dies, looses money, this is all given to the server not to the ground, when enough money has accumulated from in game players money. Respawn Chest with money value set by Karl.

for example.

Chest A - 75 Silver

<> Player 3 loots 75 Silver.
<> Chest (in state of unlootable).
<> Player 1 level 10, Dies in the world (Drop 21 Silver to server).
<> Player 2 level 20, Dies in the world (Drop 56 Silver to server).
<> Chest A (Requires 75 Silver from server).
<> Chest A Restarts.

Chest B - 1 Golden Coin

<> Player 3 loots 1 Golden Coin.
<> Chest B (in state of unlootable).
<> Player 1 level 30, Dies in the world (Drop 60 Silver to server).
<> Player 2 level 40, Dies in the world (Drop 60 Silver to server).
<> Chest B (Requires 1 Golden Coin from server).
<> Chest B Restarts.

Chest C - 20 Silver

<> Player 3 loots 20 Silver.
<> Chest C (in state of unlootable).
<> Chest D (Requires 20 Silver from server).
<> Chest D Restarts. (Using Excess from Chest B example.)

*** Obviously this wouldn't be the same chest that respawned right after being looted, it would go to a different chest requiring 20 Silver ***

Notice that levels incur different values of currency?, I mean 30 + I have as 60Silver per death, but obviously these are ammendible values so there are not definate systematic figures.

Do you think this way money will be a reusable source? people wont become too wealthy from this method?, I mean it depends on how many chests are scattered accross the huge map, but the chances of standing by a chest and waiting for people to die for the server to restart the chest is very limited.

These losses of gold should really only accur when dieing from a monster do you think?, not during PVP or PKing.

I would really like to know your thoughs on this please?

Thanks to kuba for making me realize the actual thread it was posted in hehe! :)

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Re: Project Volucris: Chest System Thread

Postby kuba » Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:30 am

I've always thought chests should give good items rather then junk as was the case with Xen. I'd be more for a system where there weren't so many chests and the rewards were greater. For example you could have chests at the end of a dungeon in the boss room. The chests loot would be based on the difficulty of the dungeon or boss and also take into consideration when was the last time the chest was opened. The longer the chest sits there unopened the more items the server adds to it (or upgrades the current loot).

I don't think you can get away with having "secret" chests because once they're discovered they lose their purpose.. people will mark them or check them often. An idea would be to have certain locations that can "spawn" a chest. That way say you defined 10 secret chest locations on a map, the server could spawn 2 at a time, and once discovered the chest disappears and spawns in another location.
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Re: Project Volucris: Chest System Thread

Postby Paz the Spaz » Sat Jun 28, 2008 8:16 am

I second the chest spawning idea, I've always hated how certain chests get camped, almost, like the mystic ones. I don't really agree with getting only gold from a chest, because that's boring etc. People could money hunt or something more efficiently than chest hunting, which may limit chests usefulness.
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Re: Project Volucris: Chest System Thread

Postby Simpo » Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:50 pm

im for anything except:
a chest that gives equivelant 2 tradable d-armours

would be crap if you loot a chest that gives you more than one insane/decent item.
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