Map Editor Problems??

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Map Editor Problems??

Postby Richard. UK » Wed Jul 25, 2007 4:26 am

I can load the map ediotr it has been installed following directions...however i cant access certain terrain textures or object from 3-0, i can only see textures or tiles 1-2, and object 1.... any ideas???
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Richard. UK
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Postby Karl G. » Wed Jul 25, 2007 6:32 am

that's really weird...can you post the debug log? should be #debug [[date]].txt
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Karl G.
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Postby Richard. UK » Thu Jul 26, 2007 7:40 am

Well the map editor folder and all the files are installed on a removable disk drive usb data stick. "F:\"

I have not added the xenimus files from the compiled zip on the forums i have all the xenimus game installed directory placed in media.

here is my Log on load.

App: F:\maptools\Map Editor.exe
Log: #dbglog - Thu Jul 26 14'37'41 2007.txt

Loading script "Media\media.dat"
Loading script "Media\maped.dat"
Scanning texture bank "xenimusTextures"
Loading xenimusTextures.font
Loading xenimusTextures.titleleft
Loading xenimusTextures.titleright
Loading xenimusTextures.grass
Loading xenimusTextures.grasdirt
Loading xenimusTextures.dirtover
Loading xenimusTextures.mdmt1
Loading xenimusTextures.lava
Loading xenimusTextures.water
Loading xenimusTextures.bcksurf
Loading xenimusTextures.objects
Loading xenimusTextures.afire
Loading xenimusTextures.arms
Loading xenimusTextures.armsp
Loading xenimusTextures.bauul
Loading xenimusTextures.blood
Loading xenimusTextures.bluemr
Loading xenimusTextures.bmetal
Loading xenimusTextures.bonemail
Loading xenimusTextures.brick1
Loading xenimusTextures.buffbox
Loading xenimusTextures.demonx
Loading xenimusTextures.faces
Loading xenimusTextures.fempurp
Loading xenimusTextures.flash
Loading xenimusTextures.force
Loading xenimusTextures.goldp
Loading xenimusTextures.imt1
Loading xenimusTextures.imt2
Loading xenimusTextures.items
Loading xenimusTextures.liz
Loading xenimusTextures.ltspot
Loading xenimusTextures.maleold
Loading xenimusTextures.marble
Loading xenimusTextures.mesh
Loading xenimusTextures.mino
Loading xenimusTextures.mummy
Loading xenimusTextures.nbrick1
Loading xenimusTextures.ogre
Loading xenimusTextures.orc
Loading xenimusTextures.ostone2
Loading xenimusTextures.particles
Loading xenimusTextures.plants
Loading xenimusTextures.plsurf
Loading xenimusTextures.plsurf2
Loading xenimusTextures.protile
Loading xenimusTextures.rock1
Loading xenimusTextures.rock2
Loading xenimusTextures.Rockysp
Loading xenimusTextures.rowa
Loading xenimusTextures.rust
Loading xenimusTextures.scrollfx
Loading xenimusTextures.scrollfx2
Loading xenimusTextures.skel
Loading xenimusTextures.statb
Loading xenimusTextures.stone1
Loading xenimusTextures.stone2
Loading xenimusTextures.stone3
Loading xenimusTextures.symbol
Loading xenimusTextures.tran
Loading xenimusTextures.treemt1
Loading xenimusTextures.troll
Loading xenimusTextures.tx1
Loading xenimusTextures.tx11
Loading xenimusTextures.tx13
Loading xenimusTextures.tx14
Loading xenimusTextures.tx15
Loading xenimusTextures.tx18
Loading xenimusTextures.tx19
Loading xenimusTextures.tx2
Loading xenimusTextures.tx20
Loading xenimusTextures.tx21
Loading xenimusTextures.tx22
Loading xenimusTextures.tx23
Loading xenimusTextures.tx24
Loading xenimusTextures.tx25
Loading xenimusTextures.tx26
Loading xenimusTextures.tx3
Loading xenimusTextures.tx30
Loading xenimusTextures.tx31
Loading xenimusTextures.tx32
Loading xenimusTextures.tx33
Loading xenimusTextures.tx4
Loading xenimusTextures.txtsurf
Loading xenimusTextures.undead
Loading xenimusTextures.voluctd
Loading xenimusTextures.wiz
Loading xenimusTextures.wiz2
Loading xenimusTextures.wolfbug
Loading xenimusTextures.wood2
Loading xenimusTextures.xwood
Looking for subset texture maps...
Scanning subset texture map "mdjSubsetTextureMap"
Scanning mesh bank "xenimusMeshes"
Loading xenimusMeshes.ankh
Loading xenimusMeshes.arcaxe
Loading xenimusMeshes.arcbow
Loading xenimusMeshes.archalb
Loading xenimusMeshes.archat
Loading xenimusMeshes.arcstaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.arcsword
Loading xenimusMeshes.arrow
Loading xenimusMeshes.axe
Loading xenimusMeshes.axe2
Loading xenimusMeshes.axe3
Loading xenimusMeshes.barreltd1
[WARNING] Couldn't find 82 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.bars1
Loading xenimusMeshes.bars2
Loading xenimusMeshes.batax
Loading xenimusMeshes.bataxex
Loading xenimusMeshes.bbush2
Loading xenimusMeshes.bcase
Loading xenimusMeshes.bed
Loading xenimusMeshes.bentstaff
[WARNING] Couldn't find 51 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.blaxe
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.blmace
[WARNING] Couldn't find 36 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.blsword
Loading xenimusMeshes.bmace2
Loading xenimusMeshes.bmace
Loading xenimusMeshes.bolt
Loading xenimusMeshes.bone
Loading xenimusMeshes.bones
Loading xenimusMeshes.book2
Loading xenimusMeshes.bow
[WARNING] Couldn't find 48 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.bowx
Loading xenimusMeshes.boxtd1
[WARNING] Couldn't find 70 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.boxtd2
[WARNING] Couldn't find 70 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.bstaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.candle
Loading xenimusMeshes.candle2
Loading xenimusMeshes.cauld
Loading xenimusMeshes.cfn
Loading xenimusMeshes.chair
Loading xenimusMeshes.chair2
Loading xenimusMeshes.clock
Loading xenimusMeshes.commet
Loading xenimusMeshes.constaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.crack
Loading xenimusMeshes.crack2
Loading xenimusMeshes.crack3
Loading xenimusMeshes.crack4
Loading xenimusMeshes.crop
Loading xenimusMeshes.crystal
Loading xenimusMeshes.crystal2
Loading xenimusMeshes.crystal3
Loading xenimusMeshes.cshld
Loading xenimusMeshes.cube
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.curvswd
Loading xenimusMeshes.cutaxe1
Loading xenimusMeshes.cutaxe2
Loading xenimusMeshes.cutter
Loading xenimusMeshes.cutter2
Loading xenimusMeshes.darkstaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.darm
[WARNING] Couldn't find 58 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.dclaw
Loading xenimusMeshes.deadswd
Loading xenimusMeshes.dhead
[WARNING] Couldn't find 58 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.dhlm
Loading xenimusMeshes.dleg
[WARNING] Couldn't find 58 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.door
Loading xenimusMeshes.door2
Loading xenimusMeshes.dragonstaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.dragswd
Loading xenimusMeshes.drstaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.drstaff2
Loading xenimusMeshes.dspost
Loading xenimusMeshes.dtree1
Loading xenimusMeshes.dtree2
Loading xenimusMeshes.dtree3
Loading xenimusMeshes.dunent
Loading xenimusMeshes.en1
Loading xenimusMeshes.fbone
Loading xenimusMeshes.fence
Loading xenimusMeshes.fence2
Loading xenimusMeshes.fence3
Loading xenimusMeshes.fence4
Loading xenimusMeshes.ff
Loading xenimusMeshes.ff2
Loading xenimusMeshes.fht
Loading xenimusMeshes.fire1
Loading xenimusMeshes.fireball
Loading xenimusMeshes.firepit
Loading xenimusMeshes.flam
Loading xenimusMeshes.flame
Loading xenimusMeshes.flask
Loading xenimusMeshes.fmace
Loading xenimusMeshes.fskull
Loading xenimusMeshes.gchest
Loading xenimusMeshes.gchest2
Loading xenimusMeshes.goblet
Loading xenimusMeshes.goblet2
Loading xenimusMeshes.gstar
Loading xenimusMeshes.gstone1
Loading xenimusMeshes.gstone2
Loading xenimusMeshes.hammer
Loading xenimusMeshes.hammerx
Loading xenimusMeshes.hcap
Loading xenimusMeshes.helm
Loading xenimusMeshes.helm2
Loading xenimusMeshes.helm3
Loading xenimusMeshes.helm4
Loading xenimusMeshes.helm5
Loading xenimusMeshes.helmx
Loading xenimusMeshes.hookstaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.hswrd
Loading xenimusMeshes.iceball
Loading xenimusMeshes.iceblade
Loading xenimusMeshes.icecube
Loading xenimusMeshes.iceham
Loading xenimusMeshes.imace
Loading xenimusMeshes.incline
Loading xenimusMeshes.irong
Loading xenimusMeshes.kack
Loading xenimusMeshes.kack3
Loading xenimusMeshes.kack5
Loading xenimusMeshes.lamp
Loading xenimusMeshes.lamp2
Loading xenimusMeshes.lamp3
Loading xenimusMeshes.larm
Loading xenimusMeshes.lbow
Loading xenimusMeshes.ldown1
Loading xenimusMeshes.ldown2
Loading xenimusMeshes.lup
Loading xenimusMeshes.mace
Loading xenimusMeshes.macex
Loading xenimusMeshes.magicwand
Loading xenimusMeshes.marm
[WARNING] Couldn't find 25 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.mbow
[WARNING] Couldn't find 48 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.mchest
Loading xenimusMeshes.mchest2
Loading xenimusMeshes.moonstaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.mudwall1
Loading xenimusMeshes.mudwall2
Loading xenimusMeshes.mudwall3
Loading xenimusMeshes.mudwall4
Loading xenimusMeshes.mudwall5
Loading xenimusMeshes.mudwall6
Loading xenimusMeshes.mudwall7
Loading xenimusMeshes.mudwall8
Loading xenimusMeshes.mystaxe
Loading xenimusMeshes.mystblade
Loading xenimusMeshes.mystbow
Loading xenimusMeshes.mysticor
Loading xenimusMeshes.mystmace
Loading xenimusMeshes.myststaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.mystsword
Loading xenimusMeshes.mystwolf2
Loading xenimusMeshes.mystwolf2
Loading xenimusMeshes.notebook
Loading xenimusMeshes.nstaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.ntable
Loading xenimusMeshes.orclay
Loading xenimusMeshes.pillar
Loading xenimusMeshes.pillar2
Loading xenimusMeshes.pixchunk
Loading xenimusMeshes.pliers
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt1
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt1a
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt1b
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt1c
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt2
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt2a
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt2b
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt2c
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt3
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt3a
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt3b
Loading xenimusMeshes.plnt3c
Loading xenimusMeshes.pntr1
Loading xenimusMeshes.pntr2
Loading xenimusMeshes.pntr3
Loading xenimusMeshes.pntr4
Loading xenimusMeshes.pool
Loading xenimusMeshes.potion1
Loading xenimusMeshes.potion2
Loading xenimusMeshes.potion3
Loading xenimusMeshes.potion4
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.potionb
Loading xenimusMeshes.potiong
Loading xenimusMeshes.potionr
Loading xenimusMeshes.potionww
Loading xenimusMeshes.pstaff
[WARNING] Couldn't find 37 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.quartz
Loading xenimusMeshes.quartz2
Loading xenimusMeshes.ring
Loading xenimusMeshes.ringred
Loading xenimusMeshes.rock
Loading xenimusMeshes.rock1
Loading xenimusMeshes.rock2
Loading xenimusMeshes.rock3
Loading xenimusMeshes.rock4
Loading xenimusMeshes.rock5
Loading xenimusMeshes.rock6
Loading xenimusMeshes.runmace
[WARNING] Couldn't find 51 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.runscim
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
[WARNING] Couldn't find 51 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.sanaxe
Loading xenimusMeshes.sanmace
Loading xenimusMeshes.sbush2
Loading xenimusMeshes.sbush3
Loading xenimusMeshes.scroll
Loading xenimusMeshes.shield
Loading xenimusMeshes.shield2
Loading xenimusMeshes.shield3
Loading xenimusMeshes.shield4
Loading xenimusMeshes.shield5
Loading xenimusMeshes.shield6
Loading xenimusMeshes.shield7
Loading xenimusMeshes.shield8
Loading xenimusMeshes.shieldx
Loading xenimusMeshes.shon
Loading xenimusMeshes.shrpnt
Loading xenimusMeshes.shrpnt2
Loading xenimusMeshes.sign
Loading xenimusMeshes.silmace
Loading xenimusMeshes.sklstaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.skull
Loading xenimusMeshes.skullpost
Loading xenimusMeshes.skulls
Loading xenimusMeshes.skullswd
Loading xenimusMeshes.slab
Loading xenimusMeshes.spdagger
Loading xenimusMeshes.spdclaw
Loading xenimusMeshes.speye
Loading xenimusMeshes.spikewall1
Loading xenimusMeshes.spikewall2
Loading xenimusMeshes.spmace
Loading xenimusMeshes.spmace2
Loading xenimusMeshes.spwand
Loading xenimusMeshes.staff
Loading xenimusMeshes.staff2
Loading xenimusMeshes.staff3
Loading xenimusMeshes.staffx
Loading xenimusMeshes.stairsd
Loading xenimusMeshes.stairsd2
Loading xenimusMeshes.stairsd3
[WARNING] Couldn't find 49 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
[WARNING] Couldn't find 67 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.stairsu
Loading xenimusMeshes.stairsu2
Loading xenimusMeshes.stairsu3
[WARNING] Couldn't find 49 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
[WARNING] Couldn't find 67 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.star2
Loading xenimusMeshes.starch1
Loading xenimusMeshes.stonet
Loading xenimusMeshes.stwall
Loading xenimusMeshes.stwall2
Loading xenimusMeshes.stwallc
Loading xenimusMeshes.sunstaff
Loading xenimusMeshes.switch
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.switch2
Loading xenimusMeshes.sword1
Loading xenimusMeshes.sword2
Loading xenimusMeshes.sword3
Loading xenimusMeshes.sword4
Loading xenimusMeshes.sword6
Loading xenimusMeshes.sword7
Loading xenimusMeshes.sword8
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.sword9
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.sword10
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.sword11
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.swordx
Loading xenimusMeshes.table
Loading xenimusMeshes.tree
Loading xenimusMeshes.tree2
Loading xenimusMeshes.vase
Loading xenimusMeshes.vase2
Loading xenimusMeshes.vase3
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.vaxe
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.velsym
Loading xenimusMeshes.vscim
[WARNING] Couldn't find 14 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.vsword
Loading xenimusMeshes.wagon1
Loading xenimusMeshes.wagon2
Loading xenimusMeshes.walltrim1
Loading xenimusMeshes.warhmr
Loading xenimusMeshes.warhmrx
Loading xenimusMeshes.wcht
Loading xenimusMeshes.wcht2
Loading xenimusMeshes.wcht3
Loading xenimusMeshes.well2
[WARNING] Couldn't find 15 in mesh's skin map #0 (id=1)
Loading xenimusMeshes.wolfblade
Loading xenimusMeshes.wolfblade2
Loading xenimusMeshes.woodt
Loading xenimusMeshes.wtop
Scanning object types...
Loading fence3
Loading treegroup0
Loading treegroup1
Loading treegroup2
Loading treegroup3
Loading treegroup4
Loading treegroup5
Loading treegroup6
Loading treegroup7
Loading treegroup8
Loading treegroup9
Loading treegroup10
Loading treegroup11
Loading treegroup12
Loading treegroup13
Loading treegroup14
Loading treegroup15
Loading treegroup16
Loading treegroup17
Loading treegroup18
Loading treegroup19
Loading treegroup20
Loading treegroup21
Loading treegroup22
Loading treegroup23
Loading treegroup24
Loading treegroup25
Loading treegroup26
Loading treegroup27
Loading treegroup28
Loading treegroup29
Loading treegroup30
Loading treegroup31
Loading treegroup32
Loading treegroup33
Loading treegroup34
Loading treegroup35
Loading treegroup36
Loading treegroup37
Loading treegroup38
Loading treegroup39
Loading treegroup40
Loading treegroup41
Loading treegroup42
Loading treegroup43
Loading treegroup44
Loading treegroup45
Loading treegroup46
Loading treegroup47
Loading treegroup48
Loading treegroup49
Loading crackgroup0
Loading crackgroup1
Loading crackgroup2
Loading crackgroup3
Loading crackgroup4
Loading crackgroup5
Loading crackgroup6
Loading crackgroup7
Loading crackgroup8
Loading crackgroup9
Loading crackgroup10
Loading crackgroup11
Loading crackgroup12
Loading crackgroup13
Loading crackgroup14
Loading crackgroup15
Loading crackgroup16
Loading crackgroup17
Loading crackgroup18
Loading crackgroup19
Loading crackgroup20
Loading crackgroup21
Loading crackgroup22
Loading crackgroup23
Loading cropgroup0
Loading cropgroup1
Loading cropgroup2
Loading cropgroup3
Loading cropgroup4
Loading cropgroup5
Loading cropgroup6
Loading cropgroup7
Loading cropgroup8
Loading cropgroup9
Loading deadtree0
Loading deadtree1
Loading deadtree2
Loading deadtree3
Loading deadtree4
Loading deadtree5
Loading deadtree6
Loading deadtree7
Loading deadtree8
Loading deadtree9
Loading deadtree10
Loading deadtree11
Loading deadtree12
Loading deadtree13
Loading deadtree14
Loading deadtree15
Loading deadtree16
Loading deadtree17
Loading deadtree18
Loading deadtree19
Loading deadtree20
Loading deadtree21
Loading deadtree22
Loading deadtree23
Loading deadtree24
Loading deadtree25
Loading deadtree26
Loading deadtree27
Loading deadtree28
Loading deadtree29
Loading dungentr0
Loading dungentr1
Loading dungentr2
Loading dungentr3
Loading dungentr4
Loading dungentr5
Loading dungentr6
Loading dungentr7
Loading woodfence0
Loading woodfence1
Loading woodfence2
Loading woodfence3
Loading woodfence4
Loading woodfence5
Loading gravestone0
Loading gravestone1
Loading gravestone2
Loading gravestone3
Loading gravestone4
Loading gravestone5
Loading gravestone6
Loading gravestone7
Loading gravestone8
Loading gravestone9
Loading gravestone10
Loading gravestone11
Loading gravestone12
Loading gravestone13
Loading gravestone14
Loading gravestone15
Loading gravestone16
Loading gravestone17
Loading gravestone18
Loading gravestone19
Loading cactus0
Loading cactus1
Loading cactus2
Loading cactus3
Loading cactus4
Loading cactus5
Loading cactus6
Loading cactus7
Loading cactus8
Loading cactus9
Loading cactus10
Loading cactus11
Loading cactus12
Loading cactus13
Loading cactus14
Loading cactus15
Loading cactus16
Loading cactus17
Loading cactus18
Loading cactus19
Loading cactus20
Loading cactus21
Loading cactus22
Loading cactus23
Loading cactus24
Loading plant0
Loading plant1
Loading plant2
Loading plant3
Loading plant4
Loading plant5
Loading plant6
Loading plant7
Loading plant8
Loading plant9
Loading plant10
Loading plant11
Loading plant12
Loading plant13
Loading plant14
Loading plant15
Loading plant16
Loading plant17
Loading plant18
Loading plant19
Loading plant20
Loading plant21
Loading plant22
Loading plant23
Loading plant24
Loading plant25
Loading plant26
Loading plant27
Loading plant28
Loading plant29
Loading plant30
Loading plant31
Loading plant32
Loading plant33
Loading plant34
Loading plant35
Loading plant36
Loading plant37
Loading plant38
Loading plant39
Loading plant40
Loading plant41
Loading plant42
Loading plant43
Loading plant44
Loading plant45
Loading plant46
Loading plant47
Loading plant48
Loading plant49
Loading plant50
Loading plant51
Loading plant52
Loading plant53
Loading plant54
Loading plant55
Loading plant56
Loading plant57
Loading plant58
Loading plant59
Loading plant60
Loading plant61
Loading plant62
Loading plant63
Loading plant64
Loading plant65
Loading plant66
Loading plant67
Loading plant68
Loading plant69
Loading plant70
Loading plant71
Loading plant72
Loading plant73
Loading plant74
Loading plant75
Loading plant76
Loading plant77
Loading rock0
Loading rock1
Loading rock2
Loading rock3
Loading rock4
Loading rock5
Loading rock6
Loading rock7
Loading rock8
Loading rock9
Loading rock10
Loading rock11
Loading rock12
Loading rock13
Loading rock14
Loading rock15
Loading rock16
Loading rock17
Loading rock18
Loading rock19
Loading rock20
Loading rock21
Loading rock22
Loading rock23
Loading rock24
Loading rock25
Loading rock26
Loading rock27
Loading rock28
Loading rock29
Loading rock30
Loading rock31
Loading rock32
Loading rock33
Loading rock34
Loading rock35
Loading rock36
Loading rock37
Loading rock38
Loading door
Loading door2
Loading walltrim1
Loading irong_ground
Loading flask
Loading notebook
Loading pliers
Loading potion1
Loading potion2
Loading potion3
Loading potion4
Loading potionb
Loading potiong
Loading potionr
Loading potionww
Loading scroll
Loading vase
Loading vase2
Loading vase3
Loading barrel
Loading bookcase0
Loading bookcase1
Loading bookcase2
Loading bookcase3
Loading bookcase4
Loading bookcase5
Loading bookcase6
Loading bookcase7
Loading bed0
Loading bed1
Loading bed2
Loading bed3
Loading book0
Loading book1
Loading book2
Loading book3
Loading book4
Loading book5
Loading candle0
Loading candle1
Loading candle2
Loading candle3
Loading candle4
Loading candle5
Loading cauld
Loading chair0
Loading chair1
Loading chair2
Loading chair3
Loading chair4
Loading chair5
Loading chair6
Loading chair7
Loading chair8
Loading chair9
Loading chair10
Loading chair11
Loading chair12
Loading chair13
Loading chair14
Loading chair15
Loading chair16
Loading chair17
Loading chair18
Loading chair19
Loading chair20
Loading chair21
Loading chair22
Loading chair23
Loading spikewall1
Loading spikewall2
Loading stwall1
Loading stwall2
Loading table0
Loading table1
Loading slab0
Loading slab1
Loading slab2
Loading slab3
Loading slab4
Loading slab5
Loading slab6
Loading slab7
Loading wagon0
Loading wagon1
Loading wagon2
Loading wagon3
Loading wagon4
Loading wagon5
Loading wagon6
Loading wagon7
Loading well
Loading pool
Loading sign
Loading lamp
Loading lamp2
Loading walllamp1
Loading walllamp2
Loading walllamp3
Loading walllamp4
Loading arch0
Loading arch1
Loading arch2
Loading arch3
Loading mudwall0
Loading mudwall1
Loading mudwall2
Loading mudwall3
Loading mudwall4
Loading mudwall5
Loading mudwall6
Loading mudwall7
Loading mudwall8
Loading mudwall9
Loading mudwall10
Loading mudwall11
Loading mudwall12
Loading mudwall13
Loading mudwall14
Loading mudwall15
Loading mudwall16
Loading mudwall17
Loading mudwall18
Loading mudwall19
Loading pointer0
Loading pointer1
Loading pointer2
Loading pointer3
Loading pointer4
Loading pointer5
Loading pointer6
Loading pointer7
Loading pointer8
Loading pointer9
Loading pointer10
Loading pointer11
Loading pointer12
Loading pointer13
Loading pointer14
Loading pointer15
Loading pointer16
Loading pointer17
Loading pointer18
Loading pointer19
Loading pointer20
Loading pointer21
Loading pointer22
Loading pointer23
Loading pointer24
Loading pointer25
Loading blueStatue
Loading incline0
Loading incline1
Loading incline2
Loading incline3
Loading incline4
Loading incline5
Loading incline6
Loading incline7
Loading crystal
Loading crystal2
Loading crystal3
Loading pillar
Loading pillar2
Loading skullpost0
Loading skullpost1
Loading skullpost2
Loading skullpost3
Loading skullpost4
Loading skullpost5
Loading skullpost6
Loading skullpost7
Loading skullpost8
Loading skullpost9
Loading skullpost10
Loading skullpost11
Loading skullpost12
Loading skullpost13
Loading skullpost14
Loading skullpost15
Loading bones0
Loading bones1
Loading bones2
Loading bones3
Loading bones4
Loading bones5
Loading bones6
Loading bones7
Loading bones8
Loading bones9
Loading bones10
Loading bones11
Loading bones12
Loading bones13
Loading bones14
Loading bones15
Loading bones16
Loading bones17
Loading bones18
Loading bones19
Loading bones20
Loading bones21
Loading bones22
Loading bones23
Loading bones24
Loading bones25
Loading bones26
Loading bones27
Loading bones28
Loading bones29
Loading coffin0
Loading coffin1
Loading coffin2
Loading coffin3
Loading bars1
Loading bars2
Loading gchest
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Postby Karl G. » Thu Jul 26, 2007 8:16 am

I can load the map ediotr it has been installed following directions...however i cant access certain terrain textures or object from 3-0, i can only see textures or tiles 1-2, and object 1.... any ideas???

I just re-read what you said and I think I know what's up: there are only three pages of objects and two pages of tiles in this release. As to why you can only access one page of objects...check your caps lock key? Make sure it's off, then press shift+a number (1, 2, or 3) to see that palette.

I'll be changing how this works completely with the next update.
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Karl G.
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Postby Richard. UK » Fri Jul 27, 2007 4:25 am

Hey Karl, im a genius.

Im just at work doing NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) questions about fault diagnostics and i come and check the PV forum for your answere to my problem, and i heard you say something about caps lock, so i took caps lock off and on and it was no different.

So i suddenly stop to think about it...if different keys enabled can affect it, what about keyboard yes Americans keyboard Shift+2 = @, but UK keyboard SHIFT+2 = ". so i pressed Shift+@ (which isnt 2) on my keyboard an it worked, any chance of coding it into UK and American next time??

i think thats the solution right there :P

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Richard. UK
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Postby Richard. UK » Fri Jul 27, 2007 6:01 am

Well now thats sorted, Which object is the big grey walls used for castles and things??? like at T3 i cant seem to find any wall objects, only dungeoun walls and fences.
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Richard. UK
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Re: Wehey

Postby Vitriol » Fri Jul 27, 2007 9:57 am

brakeyboy wrote:Hey Karl, im a genius.

Im just at work doing NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) questions about fault diagnostics and i come and check the PV forum for your answere to my problem, and i heard you say something about caps lock, so i took caps lock off and on and it was no different.

So i suddenly stop to think about it...if different keys enabled can affect it, what about keyboard yes Americans keyboard Shift+2 = @, but UK keyboard SHIFT+2 = ". so i pressed Shift+@ (which isnt 2) on my keyboard an it worked, any chance of coding it into UK and American next time??

i think thats the solution right there :P


Wow, I would not have guessed that as the problem in a million years.
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Postby Karl G. » Fri Jul 27, 2007 4:02 pm

hahaha oh man! I never considered people with different keyboard layouts would make the editor not work correctly...I'll definitely fix that in the next one. Thanks for this great bug find :)
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Karl G.
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